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June 16, 2010

Remember that one time I told y’all I was going to start doing the What I Wore Wednesday?  Yeah.  That was good times….too bad I forgot to take pictures.  Also I realized I don’t have a full length mirror in my house.  How is that?  I need to remedy that this week.  No wonder I always look like a hot mess when I leave the house.  I can’t see myself!

So instead of awesome pictures of myself…I will tell you what I did this past week instead!  FUN!


Wednesday:  I have no clue

Thursday:  Again, no clue

Friday:  Went shopping!  Addie and I hit up the mall to find me some tops that are cute and cheap and in season.  I was planning on shopping at Forever 21 but they only make clothes for tiny people apparently…It worked out well though because the JCrew and Banana Republic outlets/factory stores were having sales so I got a few tops that are better quality than I would have gotten at forever 21.  Also, I found Addie a super cute swim suit at Osh Kosh for 10 bucks.  It is a rash guard type top with ruffled bottoms. Adorable!

Saturday:  I can’t remember….OH.  We had a birthday get together for my father in law.  Addie tried out the pool for the first time.  Lets just say it took way longer to get the suit, sunscreen, hat and sunglasses on her than she stayed in the water.  It was a little too cold for her still.  I think she will love it toward the end of the summer though.  But..she did look stinkin’ cute in her swim suit. (I don’t have pics yet)

Sunday:  Church and then got to see my girl Kelli and her hubby Aaron.  Kelli, Addie and I then went to a baby shower for an old friend.

Monday: Grocery shopping and went to Target.

Tuesday:  Addie had her 2 month photos taken and I will post pics of that tomorrow. She was in a very serious mood and didn’t want to smile much.  I don’t blame her though, she had 3 women talking in ridiculous voices to her for about an hour.  I wouldn’t have wanted to smile either!  That night we went to birthday dinner for my father in law (it was his actual bday) and to give him his gift!

Wednesday:  So far?  Wrote a lame blog post, mopped the floors and drank some coffee.

And here is my Addie picture for today:

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  1. Ray permalink
    June 16, 2010 6:58 pm

    Ok I thought it was obvious but obviously it isn’t. Forever 21 ain’t for old women. It’s for girls UNDER the age of 21 that like to imagine being barely grown up for the rest of their lives. Capice?

  2. June 19, 2010 9:38 pm

    what a cute baby. i love that we always have tons of accessories to bring along to swimming and then the kids decide they’re not so into it. –a wee hassle, to say the least, but at least they have fun.

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