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the cutest baby book

January 14, 2010

Have you tried to find a cute and modern baby book lately?  It is IMPOSSIBLE.  Everything I’d found had buttons, ribbon and some kind of animal on it.  Very country-cutesy and very not my style.  So, I started googling.  And googling.  And finally I came across the BEST baby book ever.  Seriously.  I got mine the other day and I keep flipping through it and I’m afraid to write in it because I hate my hand writing.  (I guess I need to get over that. Quickly)

These are  the covers you can choose from: (I chose Pink Java)

It is a binder type book so you can add or take out pages if you want.  Ruby Love even offers other page sets to add to the book after your child’s first year if you want.  It comes with cute and modern pages (ie- no animals staring you down) and a bunch of blank pages in the back which I intend on using as scrap book pages.  Some of the neat pages are ‘This Day in History’ where you can record how much basic essentials cost on the day your baby was born and places for top world leaders and weather conditions in addition to popular TV shows and movies, ect.  There is a place to record when teeth come in (it has an awesome chart thing like the dentist has).  And one of my favorites is a first year calendar that has stickers you can mark big events to record (rolling over, sitting up saying Da-Da)

So…if you or someone you know are still looking for a baby book I’d recommend checking out Ruby Love.  Its a little pricier than a Babies R Us book, but so worth it.

PS- This posting was NOT sponsored by Ruby Love (but I sure wish it was)

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  1. January 14, 2010 6:15 pm

    I was “tag surfing” or whatever you want to call it and found this post. This is great. I’m having the same problem and my daughter is over a year. Just never could find a stylish book for her. Thanks. I will definitely check it out. Nice blog.

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