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11 weeks- a lime

September 28, 2009

So, I got harassed by friends for not updating what size the baby is now last week.  Sorry!  So, here we are now:

wk11_lgYour fetus currently enjoys a 1:1 ratio between body and head, and has skin so transparent that blood vessels show right through. But, fingers and toes are no longer webbed, and hair follicles, tooth buds and nail beds are forming — setting up a significantly more attractive future.

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  1. September 28, 2009 4:04 pm

    I am SO glad that your baby’s fingers arent webbed anymore! Such a relief…lol

    It is so neat how there is a little object to compare the size to! Way fun 🙂

  2. Sarah permalink
    September 28, 2009 11:32 pm

    didnt realize you were already 11 weeks! exciting! almost past the 1st trimester!

  3. October 6, 2009 7:04 pm

    sooo whats 12 weeks look like??!!!

    this is so intriguing lol

  4. Jen Young permalink
    October 6, 2009 8:53 pm

    Hey girl! Yeah you are past the first trimester!!! I think about you and pray for all three of you daily. We sure love you guys. Lets think about when we can all get together. Sorry about the whole canton mess up. I think I am losing my mind. Kids will do that to you. Tee Hee! Anywho just know I am thinking about you and will tlak to you soon!! LOVE you!! Jen

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