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Hey! I’m still alive!

April 14, 2009

So…apparently my posting has been lacking lately. Sorry about that!

Here is what we have been doing:
* Last Sunday I discovered that part of my wisdom tooth had broken. (Yes, I know…I should have gotten them out like 7 years ago.) So, Monday was spent trying to find a dentist to get me in (I did!) and then I got referred to an Oral Surgeon because the dentist doesn’t remove wisdom teeth like I have. I have my meeting today with the Oral Surgeon.

* We had to put our sweet Merry down this past Saturday.
MerryWe are all very sad about it. She had injured her back hips a couple days before we went on vacation(in February) and she never recovered. In fact, she had gotten worse and Friday night she was showing signs of nerve damage.

* We have are getting our bathtub in the master bath refinished (as I type this). It is going from a honeywheat color to white. Also, the most important aspect of this is it isn’t going to leak anymore! It will be so nice to be able to take a shower in there again.

* Speaking of the bathroom, I got to shop for a shower curtain because Hubs let me win the curtain vs. shower door battle! Its really cute, you can see it here if you want to.

Check back tomorrow for a GIVEAWAY!!!!!!

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  1. April 14, 2009 2:38 pm

    So sorry to hear about your doggy and your tooth! I haven’t gotten my wisdom teeth out either, because it’s so expensive.

    Love the curtain! Glad you didn’t get a door– I LOATHE shower doors.

  2. April 15, 2009 2:11 pm

    Thankfully I got my wisdom teeth out in high school but my husband had to do it last year. I don’t think I was as good of a nurse as my mom was to me. šŸ™‚

    So sorry about your dog. I know that is hard.

    Cute shower curtain!

  3. Dana permalink
    April 19, 2009 5:20 pm

    I’m so sorry about Merry. It’s so hard to lose a fur-baby. I hope her memory will soon bring a smile instead of tears to your face.

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