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March 5, 2009
  • Remember before I went on vacation I told you that I’d weigh myself before and after the cruise just to see how much I gained?  Yeah, I actually did it.  I gained back every pound I’d lost over the last couple months.  Total weight gain? 8 pounds.  I know it’s not a whole lot of weight. (where I lost the weight ended up being a pants size for me thought!)  I just made small changes to my diet and that’s all I lost.  But, I can’t believe I gained it all back in a week! 
  • Since I am back on my diet, I have tried and now love a diet soda.  I am not one for diet soda (except for Cherry Vanilla Diet Coke – may it rest in peace).  I love A&W Diet Cream Soda!  Its great!  If you don’t like Cream Soda don’t even try it.  Why?  It tastes just like the real thing!
  • I am starting to see signs that Spring is on the way!  While we were gone on vacation a little bird apparently built her nest inside our mailbox.  img_0448I felt bad having to distroy it but whats a mail loving girl to do?  I gotsta have my magazines! 
  • I have started a Spring cleaning.  I have started with the kitchen.  So far I cleaned out under the sink, moved stuff around on the kitchen counters and put the flour and sugar in smaller containers hidden in the cabinets.
  • Amanda and I are going to have a garage sale the first weekend in April. Yea!
  • I made my first sell on etsy.  Ha!  Took long enough!
  • I have some ideas for some cute stuff to add to my etsy shop.
  • I don’t mind shameless plugs.  : )  Infact, if you are looking for new a cellphone/carrier, satellite (DishNetwork or DirectTV or home security check out those links! (see, I told you!)
  • Our master bathroom is going to get an over-haul soon.  I’m excited. Well, by over-haul I mean a new tub, toilet and floor.  We haven’t been able to use the shower/tub combo for about a month now.  It is leaking through the wall and out the foundation.  (eek!)  Then, this morning I saw our toilet was leaking gross brown stuff from the bottom all over the floor.  We just need to replace the wax ring thingy apparently but when we pull the toilet out we are going to replace it with a white one to match the tub we will get.  (Is this bullet point long enough yet?  Dont you love reading about my bathroom troubles?)
  • Lilly just slammed her head (hard) into the leg of my desk all for a mayfly.  She looks proud that she caught it.
  • Tonight in choir rehersal at church every time we sang a B flat my voice seized up and I had a coughing fit.  It was crazy!  (For you music buffs, I had the same problem with the A sharps! haha!)
  • My desk/office keeps getting so messy it drives me up the wall.  Always the same problems too!  Paper everywhere and random junk.  I need storage!  I also need a desk with drawers.  Never ever buy a desk without storage.  No matter how cute the legs are from IKEA.  stupid desk…
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  1. March 7, 2009 2:56 am

    Hey girl. I hear you on the gaining weight thing. I was sick for a little over a week, stopped working out and poof. Literally. Oh well. It’s spring and it always seems to be easier to lose weight when it’s nice outside. 🙂

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