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Thirteen Thursday

November 20, 2008

In an attempt to blog more I have instituted a few “regular” posts.  This is my first of Thirteen Thursday!

Thirteen websites I love (in no order):
1.– This sight sells one new product a day starting at noon.  It’s usually houseware or jewelry.  You can always buy the products after the intro day but it will cost you more.
2.– This site ROCKS (literally).  Its online radio meets the iTunes Genius feature.  You go to the site tell them your favorite artist and they start a radio station for you right there on the spot.  All the artist are similar in sound and you can let it know when you love songs or when you hate them.  Oh, and it’s free.
3.– I think this site eliminates the need for class reunions.  Which is good because well all know that we kept in touch with who we wanted to keep in touch with.  And in the rare occasion you did lose touch with a good friend they are probably on facebook because everyone and their momma is on there.  
4.–  This is like the geeky cousin of delight except its one product a day period.  When is sells out its gone.  Oh and they have these “Bags of crap” they sell.  Basically is a grab bag for about 5 bucks and you can get really great stuff in it.  (Hubs works with a guy who got a huge plasma as his “bag”)
5.–  Office supplies that are actually PRETTY.  Its a female office depot.  Greatness.
6.–  Cute clothes, reasonable prices, and you can only buy stuff that covers the junk that should be covered.
7.–  Stands for “Dottie’s Weight Loss Zone”.  Since I am “doing” Weight Watchers, this site is great (a little unorganized but great).  It has the points values for anything you can think of and most menus of restaurant chains with points.  (If you don’t understand these “points” I’m referring to this site won’t be helpful for you)
8.–  I know, why did I have to mention Google?  Well, because its saves my butt multiple times a day.  Don’t know how many tablespoons is in a metric ton?  Google can tell you.  (its 188778.97728 incase you really wanted to know)
9.– Great site for graphic arts and stock photos.
10.– Simple and easy to use budgeting tool! Its free for a month and only $3/month after.
11.– If you like bargin grocery shopping this site is for you! It tells you what stores in your area are having sales and what coupons to use for the best price.
12.– When hubs and I are shopping for a new electronic we always end up here to read reviews and weigh pros and cons.
13.– Great tool for monitoring your blog traffic. You can track search engine entries and how people get to your blog or website.

Is there a site I didn’t mention here that you can’t live without?
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  1. Amanda Jo permalink
    November 20, 2008 9:13 pm

  2. Ray McVay permalink
    November 21, 2008 9:33 am

    I can’t believe you didn’t include slashdot. Oh and yo mamma ain’t on facebook. 🙂

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