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CVS mess up

November 19, 2008

Learn from me kids.  Don’t make the mistake I did today.  I mentioned before about my love for CVS and the ECBs.  Well today I went in to CVS to get some Benadryl for the dog (see previous post)  and was planning on using this $10 ECB I had that was fixing to expire.  Well, in order to do this I had to find at least 6 dollars more of stuff to buy.  You see, you can’t use just part of an ECB.  Its use it all or lose it.  

So here was my stealthy plan to get $40 dollars worth of products for around $7 out of pocket.

I had 10 ECB.
Benadryl was 4 dollars.
I also needed hairspray. 
I also “needed” a Hershey’s bar.
I then saw the awesome battery sale they have going.  We always need batteries.   I thought the sale said buy $15 dollars in battery and get $15 ECB.
So I did the first transaction for the batteries.  I used my $10 ECB and it came out to be about 5 dollars out of pocket. (Sweet!)
Then the next transaction I was going to use the $15 EBC from the battery sale on the benadryl, hairspray and candy for a total of about a buck out of pocket.  The lady rings up the transaction and I go to be all cool and hand her the ECB and realized it wasn’t on my receipt.  I then proceeded to think she messed up and was showing her the sale in the flyer.  My heart sank when I saw I had to get $20 in battery for a $15 ECB (still a sweet deal btw).
Moral of the story?  READ THE SALES.  Don’t let a 5 dollar mistake cost you 20 bucks.
I will be going back tomorrow for about 4 dollars more of batteries to qualify for my $15 ECB.  
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  1. Trying to Stay Calm! permalink
    November 20, 2008 12:36 am

    What a great blog you have here 🙂

  2. hilltopper permalink
    November 20, 2008 6:07 am

    well at least lilly is ok.

  3. Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam permalink
    November 20, 2008 8:56 am

    Ok, I am feeling your pain here.

    I have had one major goof up, but it didn’t involve the ECB. I bought the soda when it was so cheap, and they rang me up for 8 instead of the 4 that I bought. The worse part is that not only did I not even get the 4 other 12 packs, but they didn’t even ring up on sale…they rang up full price…..$20!!!!!
    I went back to another CVS right after it happened and they said I had to deal with the one where I bought it…..I wasn’t going over to that part of town, so I ate it, adn still regretting that I didn’t check the receipt. My moral – always check your receipt right away. 🙂

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