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Q&A- second edition

November 8, 2008

1. What are 3 qualities that you look for in true friends?
Being a Christian
Sense of humor (or at least a tolerance of mine)
2. If you could have 1 wish right now, what would it be?
That Lilly could talk so she wouldn’t have to constantly scratch at my legs and arms while I’m on the computer.
3. Are you content?
Eh, to an extent.  I’m content in some aspects of life but not in all.
4. Do you like your middle name, what is it?
Yes, it is Rose.  I get complements all the time on it. (when the subject is brought up)
5. is there a window in the room you’re in right now, if so.. what do you see when you look out it?
My neighbors house.  Its a “lovely” view of red brick.

Want to know something about me?  Go here and ask!

Also,Whitney is having a fabulous giveaway.  Who doesn’t love retro-y bakewares?

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