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I CVS, do you?

October 26, 2008
There are a few things I geek out over.  Some examples are getting a magazine in the mail, purses, and getting things free or nearly free.  I never knew I could geek out over free/nearly free stuff until I started shopping at CVS.  You see, they have this thing called Extra Care Bucks.  Basically they pay you to shop there.  I heart CVS.  I heart anyone who will pay me to shop.  🙂

If you are unaware of how these Extra Care Bucks (EBCs) work I will try to explain.  First, go to CVS and sign up for a Extra Care card.  Take a look at the flyer.  There will be things marked that state buy ‘such and such product’ and get a certain back in EBCs.  

For example:

Tylenol products were on sale this past week.  If you bought any 2 Tylenol products you got 5 EBCs when you checked out.  
So lets say you needed Tylenol or you use it frequently enough that you wanted to take advantage of this sale.  You earned 5 EBCs.   
Okay, so this week Bic Comfort3 Advance Razors are on promo.  They are 4.99 with 4 EBC back.  I have a coupon for 1 dollar off Bic razors.  I can get this product for FREE plus make 4 EBCS!  
The key is to be constantly rolling your EBCs.  So, whatever you buy with EBCs try and make it something that also earns EBCs. (Am I confusing you yet?)
Every week they feature a couple ‘free’ after EBC products.  If you have kiddos in diapers they usually have some brand with a EBC promo.  
Here is the link to the ad flyer this week.  You will need to enter your zipcode to get the store promos nearest you.
This is what I do every Monday.  Its like a game for me.  
Do you CVS?
5 Comments leave one →
  1. Amanda Jo permalink
    October 27, 2008 9:13 pm

    I do now, thanks to you!!! Love it!

  2. Crystal Victoria permalink
    October 27, 2008 11:04 pm

    yeaaaah, I am going to have to get you to explain it to me next time I see you….I don’t understand.

    I normally go to Walgreens because they have make-up normally that is buy one get one 1/2 off…does CVS do make-up sells? I want to be paid to shop too!

  3. Shannon permalink
    October 28, 2008 12:41 am

    We do not have CVS’s in our area. Boo Hoo!!

  4. Empty Nest Full Life permalink
    October 28, 2008 8:14 am

    I have just started CVSing, don’t quite have it down yet, but I am working on it. I’ve got to organize my coupons a little better. It is a good thing though. Jackie

  5. hilltopper permalink
    October 29, 2008 7:11 am

    heck yeah, i just got a 25 dollar gift card for transferring my perscription over AND they are gonna give me ten more bucks if i keep it there for 2 months!!

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