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August 27, 2008

(HA HA! Did everyone else get my really lame pun?)

Okay, sorry for that glimpse into my head.
Well we had so much fun this weekend that we forgot to take pictures!  I’m kinda bummed about that because I don’t have any with the 3 of us together.
Friday:  We left at 7am.  Starbucks was our first stop and then were on our way.  We were doing GREAT until Round Rock.  (its a suburb of Austin)  There we sat for an hour and a half in traffic and didn’t move anymore than a quarter mile (I think I’m being generous with that amount too).  We did however get to see several guys get out of the same car and pee behind some bushes on I-35.  That was greatness.  Not because we saw them, but because there were so many from this one car.  It was like a clown car or something.  Ok back to the trip, we arrived in San Antonio just in time for what seemed to be a hurricane or something.  It was raining something terrible.  The conference that night was so great.  Beth Moore is hysterical and I learned so much.
Saturday:  We woke up early again.  Starbucks again.  Got to the conference and had a great time.  It went by so fast!  Normally I have to pee like 14 times an hour it seems and I didn’t even have to the whooole time!  (aren’t you glad I share all the details of my life with you?)  I told you that to prove how GOOD it was!  Our trip home was not nearly as exciting as on the way there.  Well except for making fun of Krissy and scaring Amanda.  That was exciting.  
Sorry that that update was sooooo late!  Monday I left and went to Houston with a friend and just got back last night.  I’m trying to not go anywhere for a while now!  Home is good!
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  1. hilltopper permalink
    August 27, 2008 11:13 pm

    God must have wanted you to hear the whole thing with not even as much as a pee break. either that or he wanted someone else to hear the whole thing without getting distracted by you getting up to pee.

  2. Ray McVay permalink
    August 28, 2008 1:26 am


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