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May 24, 2008
My dad just emailed this too me.  I thought it was funny!

SOMEBODY decided I needed to post another blog.  I actually didn’t realize it had been since Monday that I did one.  So what have I done this week?  Lets see….Monday I took Merry to the vet for some preliminary tests before she started her heartworm treatment.  Then Tuesday I have no clue what I did.  Laundry I think.  Wednesday I dropped Merry off for her treatment and completely cleaned out and organized DH’s office.  (I am taking wagers on how soon it gets messed up)  Yesterday I cleaned, did some laundry and put together a shelf for my office.  Then I went out with Amanda to Mardel, Red Hot and Blue and Wal Mart.  Don’t you wish you were friends with us?  Today I hung around the house til noon then decieded to take Lilly with me to Petsmart to get some food (for the dogs, not us humans) and some pill pocket things for Merry’s meds.  Woo that kid um…I mean dog loves a good car ride and I hope the birds at petsmart recover from her ‘ferocious’ attack attempts.  Tonight is a Senior Banquet at my sister’s church for all the high school graduates there.  So, I will be attending that.  Isn’t my life facinating and exciting?  I bet you wish you could be as cool as me.   OHHHH I just remembered what I did Tuesday.  I went jean shopping again and actually found some jeans!  I literally had gone to every store that sells jeans and my last stop was the Buckle.  I used to shop there all the time when I was in high school.  It was my last store I was willing to go to and had serious doubts that I would find something that my butt crack wouldn’t hang out of when I bent over.  But guess what kids?  I did!  The jeans are too long but they do free hemming so I am going to drop them off Monday to get done.

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  1. Amanda Jo permalink
    May 24, 2008 2:17 am

    thank you

    your code this time was zpefwtpq

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