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Dogs and laundry

May 16, 2008

Okay, well I have not accomplished much on my to do list.  Lets see I did MOST of the laundry and cleaned our bedroom and bath.  The laundry bit has taken so much longer than I expected.

 It has been stormy so I haven’t done as much laundry as I wanted.  When it is stormy here we put Baylee and Merry in the laundry room because they are too stupid to get in their dog house.  So much so that when we first moved into our home it was summer and we had some rain and so we just left them out there (they are golden retrievers, so they love the rain/water) thinking if they didn’t want to get wet they would go in the giant dog house we have for them.  A few days later we had a neigbor write an anonymous letter to us saying that they are concerned with our dogs well being because they were out in the storm.  And THEN we are assuming the same neighbor called animal control because they were out in the rain.  Needless to say, when we showed the Animal Control people the dog’s shelter they agreed  that they have more than enough shelter and are fine and well taken care of.  Thier house is an empty storage shed that we took the door off of so they can both go in there with ample room.  Its really a doggy mansion with out the marble flooring.  Okay off topic.
What I was trying to say is I don’t like to do laundry when the big girls (thats what we call them) are in there.  Dog hair is flying everywhere and Merry has a tendency to grab clothing and run frantically around when excited.  I will post pics of them soon.  (the only ones we have are giant blurry nose pics because they wont sit for the camera, they want to lick it)
Also, since it has been raining I now have muddy paw prints on several couches.  The white ones in our front living room and also on a chair in our den.  And, I hate to walk on sandy feeling flooring.  So, I have been a sweeping maniac this week.  
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  1. CRICKET permalink
    May 17, 2008 7:59 am

    I completley understand, i vacummed twice in one day as my dog tracked it mud and I have a baby crawling. Its not like I don;t have enough to do. Dogs make a home though and I try not to be too anal. Thankfully she doesn;t have much dog hair but she does have lots of gas!

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