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Things I have done, have to do and should be doing now.

April 14, 2008

I haven’t blogged in a couple days since I don’t feel I have anything really interesting to say or anything super exciting going on.  

Saturday DH and I got some plants for a bed in the back yard.  Its like a 8×4 foot bed that we used as a veggie garden last year.  We didn’t really yield much from it but peppers that went unused. We did have a lot of basil and rosemary which I used pretty much everyday.  So, this year we have a mix of plants in there.  The center is a peony which I am SUPER excited about!  I love peonies, they are one of my favorites. In fact I wanted them in my wedding bouquet but they were out of season.  I have 2 rosemary bushes, a few basil plants, some fun colored coleus and also some pink begonias.  I’m not a huge begonia fan but the pink are okay.  And we had this frequent shopper card from a nursery for a free flat of $1.59 plants and the begonias were the only ones we found in the price range.  So…yeah.  I do need to get a few more to fill in a blank spot.  I think the bed will fill in nicely the next few weeks and months.  And there isn’t anything in the bed that will need to be replaced come summer.  So that is nice.  We are also looking into putting a path and possibly a sitting area out in the yard.  DH was thinking flagstone, I am thinking gravel-y stuff.  But I guess we will just have to see  what would work best!  I am supposed to draw out a plan of what I would like.  Really I have not a clue what I want.  I just know its not what we have currently.

Amanda, our friend Krissy and I are throwing a baby shower for our friend Jennifer this weekend so I have lots of house stuff do it for that.  I am hopefully going to get the patio chairs done and clean off the patio since a window looks directly to it and I hate having the blinds pulled all the time there to block out the ugly!  I have been planning on cleaning the guest room for the shower, but that is were I am putting all my stuff to sell at the garage sale my mom and I are having the following week.  So, people will just have to deal with the stuff in there (surely they will understand) I am also going to straighten DH’s office even though he will be holed up in there with the dog during the shower.  He will be on-call for work so he has to stay at home near a computer when that happens.

I also re arranged my office last night.  It looks a lot better and it seems huge now.  Not sure how this tiny room can look huge but it does to me now.  In fact it is so big that there is room for a sitting area in here now!  I want a comfy chair in the corner to read in!  I also would like a bookshelf.  Yeah, its that big!  (you really should have seen how tiny it looked before)

If I get a chance I will post pics of the garden and my office later.
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  1. Amanda Jo permalink
    April 17, 2008 8:47 pm

    If it were your wedding you’d feel the same way! TRUST ME! 🙂

  2. Liz permalink
    April 17, 2008 9:18 pm

    Woohoo for a new office rearrange. I’ve arranged my office 20 different times, and it never gets old.

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