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My life since Friday

April 1, 2008
Here is a rundown of what I have been up to since I last posted (Thursday).

Friday– We had a conference at work so I was in Ft Worth at the Seminary all day. Then Blake came home from California. (ps-in my head I always say California like Gov. Arnold!)

Saturday– Had breakfast with the other Deacon’s wives. Then I went shopping for my sister’s birthday and didn’t really find her anything. But I did find me a couple things at anthropologie. They are having an awesome clearance in housewares just fyi. Also, I think I went to the grocery store about 3 times and STILL haven’t gotten everything I was needing to get.

Sunday– Went to church. Then went to my parent’s for my sister’s birthday lunch. Hung out there a while and came home. I cleaned and took a nap and then did some laundry. Found an awesome retro clock on etsy and stayed up way too late.

Monday– Got up, brought the recycling BACK into the house because I realized I put it out 3 days early. (I am a genius) Then went to work! Afterwork I hope to get the remander of what I need from the store. And tonight I will finish our laundry. Hopefully.

Also, I added a couple more links along the side of my blog. If you are bored there are some cute stores and blogs to check out!


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