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Backyard plans

March 26, 2008

I want to clean up our back yard so we can use it and be proud of it. Right now it looks like trash central because we really haven’t touched it since before winter. We have a cute table and chair set that DH painted last summer in red and I never got around to recovering the seats. That I guess will be my first job.

Also, I want to convert our “veggie garden” area to more of a flower bed. I need shade plant ideas though (Mom, you can help me with this!) Also, I want to figure out something to plant along the back fence to cover the chain link fence. We tried hydrangeas there last year but they didnt last it was too shady I think.

I would like to find some cute lantern type things as well to hang around and a bench/plant stand thing around the big tree in the middle of the yard. I will post pictures later after we mow. (I’m too embarrassed to do it in the state its in!)

One positive in the yard is we are seeing grass in places that we couldn’t get it to grow last year!

Also, last night when I was watering out front I noticed something wierd. I have white petunias lining one of my beds and I noticed a random hot pink bloom on one of the plants. How does THAT happen???? None of the other petunias have pink blooms. Just this one on the end. I found that strange.

Ok, back to work~

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