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Saturday Shennanigans

March 16, 2008

Well today was a pretty productive Saturday.  I got up on time (shocker) and was supposed to meet up with my sister at 9am.  Last night I got one of those clear hair glaze kits at Wal-Mart (its like hair color but clear- like clear nail polish for your hair!) and after reading the directions decided it would be better to do this morning.  I did that and I don’t really think it did anything for my hair besides make it smell wierd.  Which back to my point, the morning “glaze” job ended up being the reason I was late to pick Hannah up.  We decided we were going to go Antique/Thrift/Ikea shopping.  On the way to get her I saw several garage sale signs so we did a garage sale “drive by” those as well.  (Just so you know, a garage sale drive by is not violent, you just drive very slowly by, hang out the window and see if its worth it to stop) At the antique store I was looking specifically for some cute 1950’s linens but didn’t find anything in that category.  I did however find a pair of super cute round quilted pillows but now I don’t know what to do with them!  (Here are pics of my house…where do I use the cute pillows????)  At Ikea we looked around and I got the other leg to my desk (extra support) and an office chair along with a galvanized tub/box thing for our recycling.  My next project will be to fill in the recessed square in chalkboard paint on it for a label.  On the way home from Frisco we stopped at Grapevine Mills to look at Past& Presents (found nothing) and then did some shopping at Forever 21.  After that we went to my house, unloaded all the crap we got and took Lilly for a little joy ride on the way to drop Han off.

After taking Han home I put together my chair and went to Bed Bath & Beyond to get a new iron and to look at the clearance stuff.  I got 3 wall stars on clearance.  I was/am so excited about that because I’ve been wanting some for a while now!  They are hanging in my office now which is a strange mix of my stuff, DH’s stuff and Lilly keeps bringing toys in there.  Hopefully when DH gets back he can put my other desk together and get his office situated so our house wont look like we are moving anymore.  (Also I want room to hang cute stuff in here- hehe!)
Here is a pic of the new wall arrangement in the kitchen (as of now…prob. will change it) 

Until today there has been nothing on this wall and its a big wall…the wallpaper has stumped me since I dont have anything to match it (tan,pink and blue flowers) So, I’ve decided I just going to ignore it until we can paint. 
 Here are my new stars:

Also, I think I’m on the verge of rearranging the living room again.
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