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its Monday.

March 10, 2008

Not much to report here since I blogged on Saturday. We are now the proud owners of a turtle. Slowly but surely we are going to turn into the wierd “animal people” with all these pets. Granted I know some people who have way more than we do. (3 dogs, a bunch of fish and a turtle) All I have to say is we are not adding a cat to the mix. By the way the turtle wasn’t my idea at all- it was all my husbands.
Sunday- we went to IKEA. I love love love that store. DH however HATES it. If you want a sure fire way to put him in a bad mood, take him to IKEA. I mean, whats not to love about cheap furniture, rooms set up to get decorating ideas and swedish meatballs all under ONE ROOF? Well we went to get my desks for my new office and hubby wanted to look at bookshelves for his. I got two desks and he got meatballs. (I got meatballs too- but thats ALL he got, besides a bad mood) All I need now is to get the desks put together, get a chair, and get pretty things to decorate the room.
Also, we didnt spring forward Sunday so we missed church. I decided to check email before we left for church and I looked at the computer it said noon.

Okay, thats it for now!


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