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He’s home! And other things…

March 9, 2008

DH is home!  With him in Cali last week I really missed him.  Lilly and the girls (thats what we call Baylee and Merry) did too!  I got our closet and bedroom and bathroom for that matter all cleaned and organized.  Well, the bathroom isnt really organized but its clean.  

We have decided to move the current office to the spare bedroom (aka the dead animal room- there are 2 dear heads in there) and it will be the “Man Room” and I GET MY OWN OFFICE!  Yeah!  I can’t wait to make it pretty!  It will be an office/craft room.  Something I’ve always wanted.  I do like the office currently but its usually a mess because a)its tiny b)my hubby uses it c)my hubby uses it.  So now that he is getting is own and I’ll have my own I think I will enjoy being in there more often.  I get stressed with clutter all around me.  
Here is the desk I want:


But, I want either a glass top (if thats possible) or a wooden one.  And you can’t beat the price.  Each leg is only 10 bucks and the tops I like are between 19-30 dollars.  I am thinking 2 desks would be nice as well.  

On another note I am digging these ottomans from anthropologie:


I can’t seem to get the picture bigger but you can see it here.

I think it would be pretty simple to replicate (and a lot cheaper)  I wouldn’t use actual needlepoint like the original is.  Just some cute upholstery fabric.

Also,  its seems all the dogs are sick.  When we got Lilly she had a bad case of kennel cough which she so kindly shared with the girls.  Now that they have it, Lilly got it again.  I have a feeling this is going to be a vicious cycle.  Any ideas on stopping it?  It it literally impossible to keep the dogs apart.  The vet told DH that the vaccine is worthless.  Its the equivalent to humans getting a flu shot.  There are so many strains it usually wont prevent it.   So yeah.  Lilly is hackin stuff up already.  Hopefully she will fight it faster this time.  Poor kid.  Can’t win for losing.  

Ok, well I am off to dream about the office redo!


PS- Any ideas on how to hang curtains in our living room with out putting any holes in the wood paneling?  

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