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This is what I do when my husband isn’t home.

March 6, 2008

Let me introduce you to Lilly. She is our terrier mix (we are not sure what exactly she is besides cute!) Lilly is like a little person. A strange, silly little person. Since DH has been out of town Lilly and I have been doin’ what we please around the house. Really its me that does what I please and Lilly just looks at me confused the whole time because I keep moving furniture and making loud noises! When DH goes out of town I ususally take the opportunity to purge the junk we accumulate. This week its our bedroom and closet. Last night at about 9 I started pulling everything out of the closet and made three piles in the living room: Keep, Donate, Toss. Lilly took the opportunity to nap on the piles of clothes (one of her favorite activites) while I tossed broken hangers, dry cleaning backs and sacks from clothing stores. Where does all this stuff come from? I got most of the closet done. Moved some shelves around (I love Elfa!) and figured out what I need to get tonight at Container Store. Lilly has a strict bedtime. She is out for the night by about 11 (not kidding, this is her rule, not ours!) so she was getting very frustrated with the noise I was making banging around on shelving at like 11:45. I kept hearing heaving sighing coming from the bed where she was trying to sleep. (poor pup, so misstreated!) I finally exhausted myself at about 1 this morning. Lilly slept in bed with me last night which she usually doesn’t do. I think she gets annoyed with the tossing and turning! Since she has been with us (about a month now) she has been sleeping on this pile of clothes we had in our room. I think she chose the bed since I moved all the clothes out to the living room to sort. Needless to say, I woke up with a dog hiney in my face this morning. Great way to start the day!

Another note: Lilly somehow got in the neighbors back yard this morning and couldn’t figure out how to get back. I had to climb the fence to get her (chain link not privacy) and then got mud all over me from her little muddy paws. She was so frantic to get back in our yard it made me laugh. I am going to check the fence line when I get home to see how to patch it.

Thats all I’ve got for now.


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