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I love my husband, even if he is a bleeder.

March 4, 2008

My husband is a cereal hobbyist. Meaning, he jumps from hobby to hobby not that eating ccereal is his hobby although he is quite good at it. Since we have been married (2.5 years) he has done car models, robots, some gardening, and now we are on to woodworking. Woodworking may stick though. The other hobbies lasted about 2-3 weeks and this one has lasted since before Christmas. So, we shall see.
On the woodworking note, last night we had an injury. I will lay it out below:
Picture this: I am in the kitchen washing dishes and I hear a frantic banging on the door from the garage. I go open it and I see my husband with one of his arms out of my sight and he says “get me a towel or something, hurry!” So I run to the kitchen and get a long row of paper towels the whole time thinking, is he bleeding or did he spill something? (both likely from this man, the last time he was frantic about a towel he spilt tomato soup all over our green fabric ottoman) So, I take it to him and he is bleeding. A lot. I guess he stabbed himself with a chisel thing. Not sure. But he had dripped blood all over the chair out there and all over the floor. It looked like a crime scene. So I have him come in and clean his hand off and then realize. We dont have any neosporin or hydro. peroxide to keep this clean. So I got to go to Kroger at almost 11 last night.
Hopefully he will be able to keep it clean and it wont get infected while he is Cali. this week.

So, that was the excitement from last night. Also, if a reciepe for Indian food tells you it makes 4 servings, it lies. I doubled it and I had enought to literally feed over 30 people.

Thats all.


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