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Oh, to be a gardener…

March 2, 2008

Today started off pretty normal for a Saturday.  I woke up around 8:30 (why can’t I sleep in?) and let the dog out.  It was pretty today so I thought I would go to the nursery and get some flowers since our yard was in desperate need of color.  

I visited a nursery in Grapevine I had been wanting to go to called Blooming Colors, I wasn’t that impressed.  The only flowers they really had were marigolds and well, I haven’t been into those since McDonald’s used to give flower seeds in the happy meals for girls as a kid.  (Why don’t they do educational stuff like that anymore?)  So, I went to Calloway’s which is always a winner.  I got a few geraniums, some moss stuff (you have to see it to understand), dahlias, double impatients and some ivy.  Then I stopped at Lowe’s to see what they had.  They were having an awesome sale!  The pansies were half off so I got 2 flats for $10!  Also, on the way out I saw my favorite flowers also on clearance.  So, I got a pink hydrangea for get this: $2.99!!!! Man, that seriously made my day.  We tried hydrangeas last year and failed miserably (and spent more than $2.99- a lot more).  So, I figured for only 3 bucks I could try again.  
So, I got home and started unloading.  I planted 5 pots of flowers and the pansies went around a tree out front.  I then realized I didn’t get anything for the regular bed.  So, I made another trip to Calloway’s and got petunia’s (I can’t seem to kill those) and some inpatients (I usually kill these, but they did well last year).
I’m very happy with how the pots turned out, the other beds I am not so sure of. Maybe once the flowers mature some it will look better. Also, my salvia and lantana from last year seems to be returning, so that will add to the fullness.  Our next yard project is to pull out the horrible bushes and replace it with something pretty.  I’m not sure what yet.  Also, we have more monkey grass I would like to get rid of.
If our camera was charged I would post pictures….oh well, maybe another time.
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